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Prescott Office

141 South McCormick Street
Suite 201
Prescott, AZ 86303

Clarkdale Office

651 Reta Street, Po Box 97
Clarkdale, AZ 86324


A Note From Linda.....

Since 1985, I have worked with people just like you Privately, Individually and Confidentially. I sit down with people to tackle some of life's tougest questions, among them are questions such as:

How can I increase my income and manage to lower the taxes I pay every year?

How I can I prevent outliving my money?

How can I pass on to my loved ones the life I wish for them?

Together, my clients and I have created Retirement and Income Solutions, tackled  Estate Planning issues, designed tax savings and educational funding strategies and developed a host of other valuable financial solutions. With help, YOU can too.

Let's sit down together and see what is on YOUR mind! when we sit down together, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

*L.R. Patent Financial Services does not provide legal, accounting or tax advice, but will work with your qualified tax and / or legal advisor.

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